Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Arsenal Get More Points Without Ramsey

This morning I was following my usual wake-up routine:
1. Hear alarm
2. Press snooze twice (hoping I'll feel more awake in 5 minutes)
3. Finally get my head off the pillow
4. Check Instagram
5. Drop the kids off at the pool
And this is where I got a good idea for a blog post: see how Ramsey not playing has negatively affected Arsenal's title challenge. I believe that we play better when Ramsey plays, but the stats show otherwise.

With Ramsey Without Ramsey
Played 19 10
Won 12 7
Drawn 3 2
Lost 4 1
Points 39 23
Possible points 57 30
Points per game 2.05 2.3
These statistics are only for the premier league (provided by whoscored.com).
I find it quite strange that we have more points per game when he isn't playing compared to when he is. I think he is a catalyst for the team and he's been involved a lot in the goals this season; and helping out on numerous occasions defensively. I don't have a decent explanation as to why the data is the way that it is. The only small morsel I can offer is that we played tougher games when Ramsey was playing; all three of our fellow title contenders (won against Liverpool, drew against Chelsea and lost to City). We've only played against Liverpool while he's been unavailable (the 5-1 loss).

According to the Premier League's fantasy league game he is expected back on 29 March, but physioroom has no expected return date (which I think is a result of the injury lay-off time getting pushed back every time we think he'll be available again). I really hope that the Welshman gets back soon as I believe that he is a match winner.


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  1. The information is interesting, but we've really missed Ramsey in the Champions League. If him and Walcott had been available for Bayern we could have had a good chance of winning.