Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hopefully Wenger Puts it All on the Line Tonight

Arsenal go into the match trailing 2-0 after a series of unfortunate events 3 weeks ago. We started well in that fateful night at the Emirates, but everything went downhill after a certain failed set-piece. I'm sure everybody has read at least a dozen articles about that game so I won't bore you with the details again.

Losing 2-0 or 10-0 on aggregate means nothing to me. It might dent the player's confidence to lose by a big margin, but it's worth the risk if we have a chance of winning. I hope that Wenger sets up the team in a way that shows attacking intent. The primary thing I would like to see is only one CDM. I hope he instructs the players to press Bayern high up the field and put Guardiola's players under pressure. This might be tough task, especially because most of the team played 3 days ago; but I think it is our best option. My suggested 11:

Nothing controversial here. The team almost picks itself due to injuries. If we want to go trough to the next round we have to score 2 goals, so I think only one out of Flamini and Arteta can start. I rate Arteta quite highly, but on current form I would deploy Flamini to protect the back four and hope that the pressure further up the field will mask our defensive midfield vulnerability.

Hopefully we can get a result as least as good as last season, or better.


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