Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Why Joel Campbell Should Start Up Front Against Everton

I drove 50km tonight to watch my beloved Arsenal play against Besiktas at my brother's house. It was an underwhelming performance to say the least. We didn't control the game and we didn't have a decent spell of possession in their half. I haven't checked any Arsenal news since the match, but I'm sure the blogosphere is insisting that Giroud's performance tonight is evidence that we need another striker. He did play poorly, but I believe his form will come right and he'll perform better than last season.

Before the game I was telling my brother that it's my belief that this is Giroud's year - that he's going to be superb up front; but my faith wavered during the 90 minutes. I believe that this is the opportunity to give Joel Campbell the chance that Wenger has been promising. Arsene Wenger was quoted last week as saying," He is a member of my squad at the moment, He had a good preparation and played well against Benfica. In training he is very focused and eager to do well. I would like to keep him.” 

I feel that it would be the perfect time to give Campbell a chance because Giroud is obviously not playing well and his confidence is low. Enough about Giroud, this piece is supposed to be more about Campbell than anybody else. The primary reason I think Campbell should start against Everton is because his biggest asset is a weakness for the Evertonian centre-backs: speed. Campbell is a lot faster than Jagielka and Distin, but still offers the height and strength that Sanchez can't offer. I also think that his confidence is relatively high and a starting spot against Everton will boost that. I believe that he's hungry to do well for Arsenal, something that most of the team were lacking tonight.

A slight hidden agenda on my part: I hope to see Akpom play in the League Cup matches because I believe that he could be world-class. If Campbell gets enough game-time in the league, Akpom could play in the domestic cups.



  1. Wenger doesn't know his problems...we need a good final passer a good finisher and a rock dm...he should forget abt d likes of flamini, arteta n wilshere cus he's not learning(wilshere)..Giroud should b sold or loaned out...wenger is confused n doesn't have fighting spirit n a weakling no wonder mourinho always picks on him...dats all

  2. Last season Giroud was too tired, this season Giroud is not ready yet. At what point Wenger will get it that Giroud isn’t just good enough. Has he learned any lesson from last year? He wasted whole summer by not recruiting a striker. Forget winning anything this year without a world class striker and a DM

  3. ,Wenger is it because Giroud comes from France no wonder you can not substitute?
    Please bench Giroud next game

  4. All your comments are 100% right guys. I wonder what is wrong with Wenger and his Giroud. Poor turning, poor control, poor passer, poor combination and poor finisher. Giroud can play for mid table teams not a club like Arsenal. Wenger should put Campbell, Sanchez, Walcot, or Sanogo in that position or buy a clinical finisher. Sell Giroud and get a strong DM, Arteta not strong enough. If I see Giroud in the starting line up against Everton I will collapse.

  5. we need joel campbell to start against everton please wenger please please pls pls pls pls

  6. giroud is not a 90minute player so start with JOEL CAMPBALL up front to watch a good game insead freakin watching giroud pointless goalless you agree with this arsenal fans?gunner forever love you all arsenal fans