Monday, 12 August 2013

My Brother Said He'll Get an Arsenal Tattoo if We Sign Benzema

There are reports claiming that Arsenal have put in a £39m bid for Karim Benzema. I think he's an excellent player, but I don't think he'll be moving to Arsenal. In a recent interview he said, “No, I’m not worried at all [about competition],” he told Marca. “Of course I’m staying. I’m happy at Real Madrid and I’m not going to leave.”

Arsenal were interested in signing the Frenchman in 2011, but he wanted to prove himself in Madrid. "I don't worry even if Real Madrid agree deals with other clubs for new forwards. This will only inspire me."

Benzema is an established player for The Galacticos and has appeared 48, 52 and 50 times in the last three seasons. His biggest competition to lead the line was Higuain, who recently sealed a move to Napoli. Ancelotti might bring somebody in (could be Suarez), but no player is going to leave in fear of limited game-time when he has been first choice for the last three seasons.

Real Madrid are third favourites to win the Champions League this season (5/1) and Arsenal are 10th favourites (25/1). Moving to Arsenal would lower his chances of winning silveware (which is apparently why most footballers play the beautiful game).

His transfer fee is a little bit steep, at least £39m. But if we could get the 25-year-old for that price I think Wenger would consider it a bargain!

There are a couple of reasons in favour of Benzema moving to Arsenal. If Bale were to move to Madrid, Ancelotti could move Ronaldo to the centre of the attacking line, which would leave no room for the French Striker. Speaking of French, there are a bucket load of French players (and the manager) at Arsenal which would encourage a move. Another is his wage. If reports are to be believed he gets £90k per week. That is a huge amount of money, but compared to Ronaldo's £250k it's not that much. And with Arsenal's pile of cash we could pay him a bit more than he is currently earning.

There are probably a whole host of other factors that we don't even know, and ANYTHING is possible in football. But for now I don't think he'll be gracing English shores.

My parents will be happy to know that my brother probably won't be getting that tattoo.


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  1. He looks great in those kits, doesn't he? This would be a welcome signing but unlikely due to the reasons you've stated. Who knows, Bale's cheek-bones could help frighten him off!