Wednesday, 5 February 2014

You Think February is Going to be Difficult? Have a Look at March!

There has been a lot of talk in the papers recently about how crucial and difficult our run of fixture in February is, and I totally agree. Here’s what Szczesny had to say, “We’ve got a difficult run but we’re looking forward to it… I’m looking forward to the big games, every player looks forward to games against big opponents and world class players.”

The BFG recently stated, “It is that part of the season when you might feel tired or exhausted, but we have to keep our chins up and now the really important games are coming up.” Important games are coming up. Here's what we have to look forward to in February:

Liverpool Away
Manchester United Home
Liverpool Home (FA Cup)
Bayern Munich Home
Sunderland Home

Although those are difficult fixtures, we have 4 out of 5 games at home. We’re playing the best team in the world; the 7th best team in England; the Black Cats (14th) and the 4th best team in the Premier League, twice.

Fast forward to March 1 and view the upcoming games:

Stoke Away
Swansea Home/FA Cup quarter final
Bayern Munich Away
tottenham Away
Chelsea Away
Manchester City Home

Stoke have only lost 2 games at home this season and excluding their 5-3 loss to Liverpool have conceded 8 goals in 11 games at home (Total = 13 in 12 games). We also play 12th placed Swansea or an FA Cup quarter final, the best team in the world at their home ground, our biggest local rivals away from home, Chelsea away (10 wins and 2 draws at Stamford Bridge this season),  and Manchester City (no introductions or statistics necessary).

Wilshere should be back for February, and Ramsey is expected back in March; so is Diaby by the way, but we should all expect a minor setback that keeps him out for 4 years.

I worry slightly about the players burning out, especially because the best players can't be rested during important matches unIess really necessary; but I think our squad has the capability to come out the other side of these two months in a really strong position.

Come on The Gunners!



  1. Giroud is going to get tired or injured, and we going to have a huge problem.

  2. No qualms my brother,the same thing will happen to all title contenders

    1. If wen take it game by game,we have no problem,as the game comes,prepare to give your best

    2. city and chelsea have such quality that they can play their reserves and still win big matches

  3. Giroud has no bite or aggression and is a liability to d midfield because e can't run at opposition defence.. He didn't evn shoot against palace