Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Zelalem Gets Injured as Opportunity Raises His Hand to Knock On the Door

I cry out, "aaaaaaaaaa" at the news. Zelalem tweeted that he'll be injured for 6-8 weeks.

"Out for 6-8 weeks, will try to use that to my benefit and get stronger #Positives"

That's really annoying because I was hoping to see him playing in the Red and White in the coming weeks. He won't be able to play in the Capital One Cup on 28 September against West Brom and unlikely that he'll start (assuming we beat the Bagggies) in the 4th round tie at the end of October.

Also, with fixtures against out of form teams like Sunderland, Norwich, Swansea and Crystal Palace amongst an intense schedule he might have been allowed a few substitute appearances.

I don't want to hype this guy up too much, but it looks like he has that something special. Hopefully he'll get back to full fitness as soon as possible.



  1. People say this guy is gonna be good, but he'll never be as good as Cesc

  2. Big shame with Zel. But as he said, I'd expect him to be back with a bit more muscles. And if this give Eisfeld a chance in the cups, then, it won't be all bad.

    1. I also like Eisfeld, and think he deserves a chance.

  3. What he'll learn from Ozil, Rosicky, and others in the long run more than makes up for this little setback. He's 16. It might have been nice to see him pop up in a league cup or two, but I'd prefer he have time to fill out before taking to the pitch against whatever brutes we'd be facing.

  4. we already have something like 13 first-team midfielders so this isn't a big deal. even without ox or arteta available, he's not ready for first-team action. Bring him along slowly, I say.