Sunday, 21 July 2013

Choosing Our Best Squad

I thought this Summer would be slightly different to years gone by, but it seems our chances of getting a few star players are dwindling. But I remain optimistic and hope Le Professeur makes a couple of good signings. In the scenario that nobody is bought and nobody important is sold I would like to propose an Arsenal squad when everybody is fit and healthy (although this is a fantasy world I won't include Diaby as he isn't fit in Fantasy World either).

Wojciech Szczesny

A relatively easy decision for me. I personally believe that the goalkeepers we have been linked with are not better than him and think he will continue to improve.

Kieran Gibbs
Per Mertesacker
Laurent Koscielny
Bacaray Sagna

Wenger's first choice back four from last season. If Vermaelen improves I would expect him to replace Mertesacker and Jenkinson will be pushing Sagna throughout the season.

Mikel Arteta
Aaron Ramsey
Santi Cazorla
Jack Wilshere
Theo Walcott

I would play Arteta and Ramsey as the two defensive midfielders and Cazorla, Wilshere and Walcott as the three attacking midfielders. Podolski could play in one of the three attacking midfielders, but the ability to age ratio pushed Wilshere into the team.

Olivier Giroud

A decision that was more difficult to make a week ago before he scored 5 goals in two matches .I was struggling to decide whether Podolski or Giroud should lead the team, but Giroud's recent performances tipped the balances in his favour. I know the matches were just pre-season friendlies against weak defending but Giroud is playing with confidence.

Damian Martinez
Carl Jenkinson
Thomas Vermaelen
Lukas Podolski
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Thomas Eisfeld
Yaya Sanogo

I actually struggled more when choosing the bench than the starting 11. I think the bench should be predominantly used for future starting players rather than ex-starting players. Although they are good players; Rosicky, Fabianski and Monreal just didn't make the cut. There are also a bunch of youngsters who I thought of choosing as well.

Think my team is totally wrong? Leave a comment with who you think should be in the Arsenal squad.



  1. Personally; shift Wilshere into Ramsey's role, centralise Cazorla and have Chamberlain playing out on the left. Don't get me wrong; i like Ramsey but I REALLY like Chambo and I think if we don't start to play him this season it won't be long before someone willing to play him comes knocking.

    1. I would also like to see Chambo play more. Hopefully we get further into the cup competitions so more players get a chance to play and develop.

    2. i absolutely second u guys... cazorla is better in a centralised role... although i see JW10 to be more of a box to box midfielder than a defnsve one.. i blve he will do a good job in that role too..and chmbo desrves to be in the team...he has consistntly perfrmd well....

  2. Replace Mertesacker with TV5 emmediately. Arteta as lone defensive mid, with Wilshere and cazorla in attack roles. Podolski on the left and walcott on the right. Suarez or Higuain up front

  3. I dont know who I would put in the mids, but swap mertesacker and kossa for sure! Gibbs is quicker than sagna and can cover mertesacker's lack of speed!

    1. That is a good point, but I think Koscielny on the same side as Gibbs is better. Gibbs is caught out of position a bit more regularly than Sagna; Koscielny is better suited to cover him.

  4. I totally disagree with your Bench, thets substitute because Rosicky,Monreal and fabianski are still very Important to our squad.!

    1. I chose Eisfeld as cover for Ramsey and Arteta. I think he could permanently replace Arteta within 2 seasons. I chose Jenkinson and Vermaelen because Vermaelen can cover the centre backs and he can play left back if Gibbs gets injured. Jenkinson covers Sagna and he said in an interview recently that he can play anywhere across the back four. What would your bench be?

  5. With Monreal and Vermaelen out, we're down to five first-teamers to cover four positions (Gibbs, Per, Kos, Sagna, Jenkinson). Unless we sign someone, we might have to consider promoting Miquel or Bellerin, certainly for the first 6-8 games, but also to rotate them in whenever possible to keep those five fresh and free from injury.

    Eisfeld might be better-suited as an attacking midfielder a few years down, with Arteta stepping down and Wilshere dropping back as an attack-minded DM and Ramsey in the holding role.

  6. I like the idea of your future midfield, but I personally think Wilshere should slightly ahead of Eisfeld (formation wise). Eisfeld doesn't show that same creative edge as Wilshere.