Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Betting Special: Who are Arsenal Actually Going to Buy?

With Arsenal being linked to so many different targets, it’s sometimes good to take a step back and look at the players we have a real interest in. Instead of reading articles from websites trying to get as many hits as possible, let’s have a look at the normally objective betting odds.

For those who don’t know how odds work: eg. Let’s say Arsenal have a 300/1 chance of buying Messi, if I put 1 pound on that and he does move before the end of the transfer window, I get 300 pounds. If a lot of people bet on one thing happening, the pay-out becomes smaller. If 10 000 people bet that Messi is going to Arsenal, the odds will change to 50/1.
All the odds are only applicable up until the end of this transfer window. Most of the information is from, and where they did not have information I used

Ashley Williams
Odds: Arsenal (1/3), Liverpool (10/1)
A player that I think is unnecessary unless Wenger plans on selling Vermaelen. Out of all the players listed, he is the most likely to join Arsenal.

Stevan Jovetic
Odds:  Arsenal (7/4), Chelsea (5/1), Juventus (6/1)
Chelsea were favourites to sign him recently, but we have overtaken them. I don’t think he is worth 22 million pounds, but he is a good player.

Miguel Michu
Odds: Arsenal (4/1), Everton (12/1)
He is most probably going to stay at Swansea.

Cesc Fabregas
Odds: Arsenal (3/1), Manchester United (5/1), Manchester City (20/1)
The forth of four players that we are the favourites to sign if he moves. Even though we have creative midfielders, he would be a great player to bring back to the club.

David Villa
Odds: Tottenham (1/1), Arsenal (2/1), Manchester City (8/1)
It seems to be a two-horse race between us and the guys that finished 5th. With Wenger reportedly signing two young strikers in Sanogo and Mitrovic, I’m not sure that we’ll go for another striker.

Christian Benteke
Odds: Liverpool (9/2), Arsenal (6/1), Tottenham (7/1)
A great performance in his first season in the Premier League, he scored 19 of Aston Villa’s 47 league goals.

Asmir Begovic
Odds: Liverpool (1/4), Arsenal (6/1)
He will most likely replace Reina at Liverpool who is set to depart to Barcelona (1/3).

Gonzalo Higuain
Odds: Juventus (4/11), Liverpool (6/1), Arsenal (9/1)
A player that I thought we would be more likely to sign, but maybe his price-tag is putting Wenger off. One positive is that he apparently said that Arsenal would suit him perfectly.

Wayne Rooney
Odds: Chelsea (3/1), PSG (3/1), Arsenal (5/1), Bayern Munich (8/1)
It’s highly unlikely that Rooney will move to Arsenal, his wage demands are too high and United would rather sell him to a different league than to a local rival.

Micah Richards
Odds: Liverpool (2/1), AC Milan (5/1), Arsenal (8/1)
I think Wenger would only be interested in Richards if Sagna was to leave.
Sam Byram
Odds: Manchester City (8/11), Arsenal (9/1)
Most sources agree that the Leeds right wing-back will join Manchester City, but we still have an outside chance.

James McCarthy
Odds: Tottenham (1/1), Everton (3/1), Arsenal (9/1)
The Irish international was the bright spark in an otherwise poor Wigan team during last season, and will almost definitely leave.
Luke Shaw
Odds: Manchester United (2/1), Chelsea (3/1), Tottenham (4/1), Arsenal (6/1)
The fullback had a good season but is more likely to go to another club.


Matej Vydran (10/1)
Christian Tello (12/1)
Martin Skrtel (14/1)
Victor Valdes (16/1)
Marouane Fellaini (16/1)
Loic Remy (16/1)

Betting has been suspended on Cesar’s move to Arsenal
I spent quite a lot of time looking for odds on Etienne Capoue, but couldn’t find any.
Thanks for reading.


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